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Fun Easter Activities to Enjoy with Your Children!

Are you looking for ways to keep children entertained over the Easter school holiday? Look no further, as here you can find seven excellent projects and activities designed to create memories and have fun with your children or grandchildren this spring.


Bake some Easter-themed treats together

Easter is often associated with indulging and enjoying a sweet chocolate treat. So, it’s a great time to get into the kitchen and bake with your kids!

For young children, the old classic Shredded Wheat or Corn Flake nests are an excellent choice. They’re so simple to make don’t require any baking, so can be done with very young children. If your children are older or you want more of a challenge then you could try baking a carrot cake with easter bunny cake toppers or a chocolate cake covered in Mini eggs!


Plan an Easter egg hunt

It might be a very old, traditional activity but children absolutely adore an Easter Egg hunt! This could be done in your garden or even in a local park or public space. There may even be local Easter Egg Hunt events at local venues if you have a quick Google search. Also you may want to buy or make a basket for each child to store what they find. There are lots of ways you can make an Easter egg hunt more interesting and engaging too. Encouraging children to solve Easter-themed problems or riddles that will lead to the hiding places of the eggs can provide hours of entertainment.


Create and play bunny bowling

Combine a craft project with a game with this Easter-themed bowling activity. You’ll need to find some small, plain bowling pins in a craft store or online to get started. The first task is to decorate your pins to give them an Easter twist, for example you could create cute bunnies, chicks or vibrant patterns. You could use a range of craft supplies, from marker pens and paint to glitter and tissue paper. Once the pins have dried, it’s time to start the game! You can have great fun knocking down the pins and setting up a friendly competition.


Make an Easter wreath

While people may not traditionally decorate their home for Easter weekend like you would for Christmas, children love decorating their houses with their art and craft. An Easter wreath project is simple enough for children of all ages, and you can make more challenging designs with older children. For a basic Easter wreath, all you need is some colourful paper and pens. However, it’s a great opportunity to dig out different art supplies and get creative too. You could use paper plates for a circular wreath, weaving wool around a circular frame or even create a beautiful wreath using sticks and twigs. Let their imagination run wild!


Decorate eggs

Painting eggs is one of the most traditional Easter crafts and has been done for hundreds of years. To start, you’ll need to hard boil some eggs that’ll act as your canvas. Once they’ve cooled, get out the paint, pens and glitter and let your children’s, imagination turn them into wonderful Easter themed works of art. If you need some ideas with how to decorate your eggs then there are hundreds of ideas available online. If you have allergies or are vegan then you can buy polystyrene or plastic eggs online.


Use your egg box to create an Easter basket

If you decide to do the activity with real eggs, don’t throw away your egg boxes from the above activity. This simple art project is suitable for young children to follow and could provide ideas for other ways you can turn empty egg boxes into something new. Decorate the egg box with paint, glitter, sequins and anything else you find. You can then fill them up with sweets, mini eggs or even display your decorated eggs from the activity above.

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