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Why I Love Our Nursery - By Our Manager Rachel

When I was asked to write about what I love about Jabberwocky, several things came to my mind immediately. I thought about the diversity of opportunities that we offer our children from such a young age, and then of course I thought about our unique and wonderful forest school arboretum. More and more aspects of this magical place sprang to mind. I often admire how we are able to combine several approaches to early years to create a unique ethos for our children, drawing on our favourite aspects of Montessori, Steiner, the curiosity approach and in the moment planning to create the very best learning experience for our children.

On a personal level I particularly enjoy the annual traditions and extra visits like zoo lab, the chicken egg program, the Christmas celebrations and visits to the pumpkin patch and Christmas tree farm, I not only love them because they are enjoyable and exciting to watch the children participate in, but because I love that we are able to offer our children these opportunities that they may not access elsewhere.

I not only love, but am proud of being a plastic free nursery. Getting to be part of the transition from plastic toys in a brightly coloured, highly stimulating environment to authentic, real resources in a calm, Hygge environment has been inspiring and the transformation across the nursery was simply wonderful.

Another particularly enjoyable part of my job is watching and supporting the staff to grow and flourish into experienced, genuine and authentic practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and hands-skills to begin their career in childcare. Watching them transition from apprentices to qualified staff who are capable of teaching others and take on more and more responsibilities is something I enjoy being a part of at Jabberwocky too.

About Us:

Jabberwocky Children's Nursery is a Nursery and Preschool dedicated to providing the best that an Early Years setting has to offer in a colourful, spacious, purpose built environment. We believe in creating magical places for children and engaging children’s curiosity and imagination to inspire lifelong learning in a safe, loving, enabling environment. We embrace the fact that all children are unique and special and we strive to offer a programme of care and education that not only ensures children experience all areas of the ‘Foundation Stage Framework’ but that also appeals to every kind of learner.

Jabberwocky is easy to get to from Street and also Glastonbury, Butleigh and Meare. So if you are looking for a Day Nursery in Street or looking for a Day Nursery in Glastonbury or other local Mendip Somerset towns then please come and see us!

Visit the Jabberwocky Nursery website at:

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