Keeping Healthy and Happy

Well-being and Health

At Jabberwocky, it’s important that children are shown how to make great choices for healthy eating. Our meals are home-cooked with ingredients grown and bought locally wherever possible – the excellent town butcher has delivered to our nursery for years! We believe we should support our local community whilst providing what’s best for the children.


Physical activity is also a high priority at Jabberwocky. Children love the sport available at our nursery under the professional guidance and instruction of our regular Coach. There’s no doubt that physical activity in early childhood can greatly enhance young children’s growth and development and lead to a healthy body in adulthood, being associated with proper body posture, stronger bones and muscles, and better cardiovascular and respiratory function. As well as keeping children fit, sport can forge friendships and instil a sense of belonging, so making a child calmer and more confident. Our coach allows everyone to achieve at their own pace and no one is judging, so sport is great at alleviating symptoms of anxiety in very young children. 

We at Jabberwocky feel that the cosy, hygge interior of our nursery premises and the benefits of Forest School outdoor experiences are both conducive to good mental health: our home-like atmosphere is the right indoor environment in which to learn, have fun and make friends; the forest is a non-competitive space that boosts confidence, and promotes inclusiveness and better sleep. As Jabberwocky children become independent within our indoors environment, and discover with friends the natural world outdoors, we see in children: 

● an increased confidence in their abilities 

● an increased confidence in the expansive world around them 

WE’RE DOING OUR BIT TO KEEP THE PLANET HEALTHY TOO! To help our world as much as we can, we are turning nappies into Biofuel, saying “No” to single-use plastic and saying “Yes” to recycling all our packaging. We don’t buy our fruit and veg wrapped in plastic – that’s where buying locally is doing more!

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