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  • Leanne Ammon

How to Stay Fit After Christmas - Advice for Mums!

Its been two weeks of indulgence, watching films and visiting friends and loved ones. Two weeks existing in the Christmas bubble where diets and exercise can go out of the window because ‘it’s Christmas!’. And then it stops, January rolls around and there’s no excuse anymore. The window has closed. The bubble has popped. And now you have to actually face the fact that six Ferrero Rocher doesn’t make a healthy breakfast. Plus, the summer looms and the big, cosy jumpers that were our best friends over Christmas time have gone into hibernation.

It might be the time of resolutions, which some of us are actually insane enough to make in the first place, guilt laden as they are. if resolutions motivate you then go for it. I applaud your sense of self control and am a little jealous. But what if it just doesn’t work for you? Making a promise that you sort of know deep down you’ll be breaking within days? What can you do that doesn’t involve taking a battering of guilt when your resolve resembles more silly putty that cast iron?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways we can make that shift, emotionally as well as physically, when the new year, new me feelings come rolling round.

Looking after your physical health: Perhaps this is an easy one. Perhaps not. If you’re really not into the gym, and not everybody is, then it’s the great outdoors that will become your buddy through the rest of the winter season. Finding somewhere you will enjoy taking a walk will be your motivation when you have those inevitable ‘can’t face it’ moments. Maybe you’re lucky enough to live near a river or a park where you can spend half an hour not only meeting your fitness goal but benefiting from the wildlife and clean air you’ll hopefully encounter. Let’s be honest, our winters often come with grey, overcast days where the low pressure can really play havoc with your mood. A long walk outside somewhere you’ll see a few trees, hear some birdsong and breathe in some fresh air can do you the power of good.

Looking after your mental health: So, getting outside as often as we can for a walk somewhere in nature can help us get on track with our physical goals. It can help improve our mood. Following on from that then, what else can you do to maintain that positive feeling during times when you can’t be outside or you’re just having one of those days when the skies are grey and your mood is blue? To be honest, I think if I’m going to have a resolution at all it’ll be this. To give myself the gift of allowing myself the feeling. Whether it’s pulling me downwards into a heap on the floor or keeping me from being active and getting outside, I’m going to acknowledge it, let it hang around for as long as it wants BUT, and this is crucial, keep in mind it is only a feeling. One that will pass. So rather than spend an unhappy day or week letting it get on top of me, I’ll greet it (oh hello, it’s you again) and keep going with my day.

Savouring the simple things: One way I have found that helps me keep going with my day throughout the rest of winter (and all the other times to be honest) is to enjoy the moment you’re in. More than that, really savour it. It’s a subtle difference but one that can have a profound effect on how your day evolves. So, I enjoy my morning cup of tea and I also savour how it warms and wakes me up. I enjoy reading with my daughter and I savour the excitement in her voice with each new word she masters. Savour your small moments. It’s a small difference with a big reward.

So, as we leave the warm bubble of Christmas behind for another year and go forward into the new year with hopes and resolutions firmly (or loosely) in hand, a little walk outside, a little kindness and patience with ourselves, and a little ‘savouring’ might just get us through ‘till it all starts again!

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