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Our Spaces, Rooms & Gardens


Jabberwocky’s beautifully decorated, bespoke and homely environment promotes emotional well-being, as well as togetherness and friendship. Here, our children feel comfortable and confident enough to explore our nursery resources.


Jabberwocky’s extensive, outdoors curriculum has an expansive array of learning materials and opportunities for all nursery ages.


From our homely interior space, to our expansive outdoor adventures, our caring ethos ensures our children feel safe, secure and valued. In such a supportive, reassuring environment, our children become happy, confident and skilled, very soon gaining a love for learning and a desire for challenge.



At Jabberwocky, we have a separate facility for our under-twos, where our experienced, caring family team nurture and look after your child's individual needs.


The Toaves room is calm and natural with plenty of excellent development focused resources. We work really hard to plan fun, exciting and engaging new learning experiences, including many sensory opportunities, so that the youngest of children can explore and develop at their own pace, inside and outdoors. We have a beautiful, separate Toaves Garden just for us which is accessible and sheltered all year round.


Inside our 2-3 year old Banders have light spacious and calm areas for stimulating and natural, sensory, creative and developmental learning. Our huge Toddler Garden is filled with adventure and play equipment,  encouraging awe and curiosity, discovery and natural learning. 



Inside our Jabbers are challenged with high level learning for school readiness as well as given plenty of time and space to relax, chill and just be themselves. The Jabbers Room children attend our wild Forest School Garden and Allotment at the Arboretum which is filled with discovery and natural learning. Although our Jabbers do most of the work we share our allotment with our youngest Jabberwocky members!

Freedom Outdoors

We all go to The Arboretum for more adventure based learning. Please watch The freedom of Outdoors.

Our Cooking Video

Watch our cooking video!

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