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  • Lauren Saunders and Rachel Smallwood

Is Your Child School Ready?

As September approaches and many of your children are due to start their first year at "big school", you may start to wonder if your little one is "school ready".

Here at Jabberwocky, we strive to empower your children to be leaders of their own learning, to believe in themselves. We encourage and support them to develop their individuality by giving them the confidence to express their interests and preferences.

School readiness is so much more than being able to read and write. Children who are school ready have secure attachments with their main caregivers, and this gives them the confidence to separate from them and explore confidently. Children who are school ready will be keen to explore and will have an instinctive curiosity about their world. They will be resilient and ready to take part in a new learning environment.

It's quite normal for parent/carers to feel emotional and anxious ahead of their children starting school, and your little ones are probably experiencing similar feelings. Children have an incredible ability to read body language and facial expressions, so it is hugely important for you to demonstrate your ability to respond to these feelings appropriately. Children are able to pick up on your feelings and mirror them, so if you are able to model an appropriate response to nervousness, they will be able to as well.

In order to be ready to settle in and get on well in a learning environment, children need a whole core of skills that make up the foundations for life-long learning. These skills range from self-care and a good level of independence, to the ability to sit still for group times and pay attention. They need a foundation of good social and emotional skills, the ability to follow boundaries and routines, and some basic maths and literacy skills following the EYFS.

Although that may seem like a lot of expectations of such little people, they are already doing, learning and developing these skills on a daily basis both with you at home and with us at nursery. Don’t forget, all children are unique individuals who grow and develop at their own pace, but with gentle encouragement and support, they will all be ready for school in their own way, in their own time.

Have you secured your nursery space for September 2021?

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