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  • Leanne Ammon

New Year Resolutions - How to be Kind to Yourself!

Well, that was year and a half. I think most of us are cheerily waving goodbye to the old and actively welcoming the new. And what better way to celebrate than with a new year’s resolution? But not the type that is just punishment disguised as a new year health kick. No. We’ve had enough of assessing hygiene standards in any given indoor and outdoor space. Of minimising germ contact by wearing masks and marinating in hand sanitiser. Enough. Now it is high time we thought about something that added to our mental health and not just our physical health. Things that bring joy, make you feel a bit more confident and a bit more glad to be alive. Which let’s face it, a lot of us could do with at the moment.

So... What floats your boat? Really think about it. You deserve that much after the sacrifices you’ve made this past year. You’ve been ever so good. Played by the rules when others haven’t. Tried to keep yourself and everyone around you as healthy as possible when there’s a contagious virus wafting about. Avoided seeing the people that form part of your life, your happiness, your general well-being. If ever there was a time to think about yourself and the things that make you tick, this is it. New year’s resolution time. Or new year’s me time.

And what does that ‘me time’ mean for you? What would really add to your life at the moment? What would make it easier to smile, to breathe, to believe that life is the wondrous thing it always used to be?

Getting outside to mingle with the trees? Listening to the sound of a river? Being able to spend half an hour painting your toenails? Treating yourself as a priority, whether that means a weekly mani/pedi or drinking more water, doing yoga for 10 minutes each night or walking in nature a few times a week, will pay dividends when it comes to emotional well-being. Wonderful things happen when we make time for ourselves. We start to feel proud of ourselves, we start to believe we are worth the effort because we are making the effort. And in turn, we then find we have more time for others. Being kind to ourselves propels us to be kind to others. When you feel good about yourself, when you feel taken care of, you have more compassion and time for the other important people in your life that may need some TLC too.

As well as being something to look forward to at the end of a busy day, the relationship with yourself, your oldest and longest serving friend, will eventually become the thing that can sustain you through the hardest of times. And we have all experienced those times.

Treat yourself well, like you would your best friend. This new year needs you.

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