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  • Leanne Ammon

Beat the February Blues with these Cosy Ideas!

So, we find ourselves once more in the midst of bleak midwinter as February steps ever closer. But what’s really not to like about this time of year? OK, it’s a bit cold and grey outside, but that’s all the more reason to look forward to cosy indoor evenings, relaxing early nights, flopping out on the sofa with the kids and once they are in bed, getting stuck into all those box sets on your to-watch list.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy this time of year and beat the winter blues!

Relax in a Warm Bath Showers are great when all you need to do is a quickly needed wash and brush-up in the morning, whatever time of the year it is. Baths, however, are most definitely a luxurious winter treat. Turn your bathtime into an event by pouring in a good amount of your favourite bath oil or bubble bath, lighting scented candles and lying back with a good book or even a cheeky glass of something. With the kids in bed, lock the door and soak in the bubbles for as long as you can!

Get organised The post Christmas gloom should be beginning to lift now we’re out of January’s grip, so this month coming is a great time to put any new diaries, wall planners and calendars to good use. Fill in events, birthdays and reminders for the year ahead, including important nursery and school dates. Oh, and why not book yourself that summer holiday that you fully deserve!

Make some comfort food Stews, stockpots and soups – you name it, there are some great winter comfort foods. Dig out your casserole dishes and cook up some hearty February feasts for the coming weeks. You could also batch-cook some dishes and put them in the freezer, so you’ve always got something comforting on hand!

Enjoy laid-back gatherings With more time spent indoors, the month of February can offer the ideal opportunity to catch up with friends and family. Have nice cosy gatherings or Sunday lunches with your nearest and dearest or invite your friends over for a film night. It’s a great time to be social and catch up.

Relax in the heat of an open fire If it’s frosty and freezing or just a bit drizzly every time you step outside the front door, why just not go out at all? Enjoy the long winter evenings by slipping into your PJs at the earliest opportunity and snuggling up in front of a roaring fire or getting cosy with the kids with books or in front of the TV.

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