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Top Tips for Rewilding your Outdoor Space!

What is rewilding? Rewilding is the process of changing our carefully manicured gardens and outside spaces into wild havens for wildlife. We all know the pressure of keeping up with the neighbours with their neat mowed grass, immaculate paving slabs and not a weed in site but have you ever stopped to think about how nature is affected? In the past the UK was a haven for wildlife with wild forests and flourishing meadows before urban expansion began to gobble up this critical ecosystem. So what can we do in our outside spaces to help restore the balance? Read on for some ideas.

1, Grow plants and flowers that attract wildlife such as wild flowers, shrubs such as buddleia (sometimes known as a Butterfly Bush) that attract insects. There is an ever growing collection of information online about which plants are suitable for your space and what the benefits are for wildlife.

2, Ditch the chemicals! We all seem to have an unhealthy aversion to weeds in this country and can’t wait to run out to our patio armed with a bottle of weed killer to destroy the little invaders! However, these chemicals can get washed back into the soil and can also kill more than just the weeds such as microbes, fungi and insects. Some of these weeds also flower which our friends the bees may like so think twice about getting rid of these little weeds.

3, Ditch the lawnmower! We are obsessed with mowing our lawns and building high fences, as it creates a ‘neatness’ and feeling of home that is ingrained in our culture. For nature, it offers little benefits at all. Before you get the lawnmower out maybe think about how the lawn would look if you didn’t mow it. A lawn with tall grass and wildflowers can not only look beautiful, but also looks like home to the insects, butterflies, bees, and birds, that live off and in it.

4, Grow native plants! It is always best to only grow what is native to the area, or at least closely related, i.e from a neighbouring country. Local plants provide the most nutrition and best benefits for local wildlife, and thrive under the soil conditions in companion with other plants and species. In other words, they work well within the ecosystem that is already present.

5, Pile some wood! We’ve all seen natural woodpiles in forests, where collections of twigs, branches and leaves lay all piled up on the ground. If you’ve ever had a little investigation of these wood piles you would see a teeming collection of insects and fungi in a mini ecosystem. If you have a corner of the garden tucked out of the way, consider piling up the old branches when you’ve been trimming trees and shrubs to create one of these little ecosystems at home.

6, Create a compost bin! Natural compost is amazing for the soil and for planting, so instead of going out and buying a bag from the local garden centre, consider the DIY approach. You can buy or make a cheap compost bin and fill it with all the offcuts of trimmed plants, leaves, and also vegetable food waste from the kitchen.

7, Install feeders and bird boxes! Encourage birds into your garden with feeders, elevated water features and boxes to nest in. You could also install a bug box where native insects can lay their eggs. If you’re in an area with hedgehogs, you could also consider installing a hedgehog hut. All these can be bought relatively cheaply online or can be made at home for the DIY confident!

8, Build a water feature! If you have an area large enough, consider rewilding your garden with a water feature. A pond can provide habitat for a variety of amphibians and invertebrates. It’s also a source of water for small mammals and birds. Attracting wildlife is a sign you're on the right path to rewilding your garden. You can start by creating your pond with as little as a bucket and a few aquatic plants.

To sum up… every action of ours can have an impact on the natural world beyond our garden. We hope that our above tips help you to not just minimise your negative impact on the planet, but foster your connection with nature!

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