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What Can You Do At Home to Help Your Nursery Child Get Enough Exercise?

Exercise is an important part of every day life. It keeps us healthy and our minds happy. However, it can be hard to include it when we already have busy schedules. This is even more reason to encourage a love of exercise, especially in young children in order that they grow to be as healthy and as happy as they can.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways we can incorporate exercise in our daily routines.

Regular outings in nature often make exercising easier and more enjoyable because you don’t even realise you’re doing it! Head to the park, the woods, or the beach and just spend a morning or an afternoon exploring. Run around the trees, dig for shells, jump up and down in the waves, stomp in the leaves. There are so many ways to move our bodies when we are in a natural space. And young children love to explore outside, picking out stones and other treasures to keep. Being out in nature inspires a love of nature that your child will keep forever. And a love of the outdoors will lead into a naturally healthy way of life for children as they grow.  

If it’s cold and wet outside, there are just as many fun ways for your child to get some exercise indoors. Play some music and make up a dance or put on some child friendly dance videos that they can move along to.

There are some fun games that all children love to play in which to get some daily exercise. You could play ‘Copy Me’ with easy to copy exercises such as jogging on the spot, star jumps or hopping on one foot. And then there’s ‘Simon Says’, where you can opt to do silly dance moves and star jumps. Songs like ‘Hop Little Bunnies’ and ‘Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed’ encourage children to move along with the words and fill a fun few minutes while getting some exercise too.

Swimming is a fun way to make sure your child is getting enough exercise. Try your local swimming pool for a splash around. They might even hold family sessions with toys and floats, or weekly parent and child sessions. This can be an easy and fun way to build some regular exercise into your week.

Similarly, your local leisure centre may have a Gymnasium area that holds weekly family sessions where you and your child can use the equipment freely. They often have bouncy flooring, large foam bricks and lots of soft equipment that young children can clamber about on. A fun hour of the week that also offers a great way to ensure your child is getting enough exercise.

In a world where being busy tends to take priority, making sure your child gets enough exercise can seem like even more to fit in. But it can become part of out every day routine. More importantly, it can become the fun parts of the week that you both end up looking forward to!  

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